The Digital Experience Begins

My digital journey began many years ago when email and internet first became widely accessible (now I won’t mention when that was:), but it changed the way we accessed information.  Then I began teaching senior science in Tisdale.  Over the years, I was fortunate to collaborate technology savy and creative colleagues, consultants, coordinators and directors who helped me learn the skills that I have today.  My interest in web development began when I started developing online resources for the Ministry of Education (formerly known as Sask Learning and even earlier Sask Ed).  Some of you will remember wblrd and CentralIschool.  My next educational venture was as a part time Learning Resource Facilitator (or the modernized title of Teacher Librian).  An excellent way to learn about the value of literacy in our schools.  It also continues to give me the opportunity to learn about all of the excellent resources that teachers and students have available to them, as well as, the chance to collaborate with staff and students.

As H1N1 began to affect my life, students and consequently my teaching, I began looking for ways to communicate with students and parents.  In Novemember, many students were out for several days with the flu and just as some returned others left and I was constantly being asked, “what did I miss?”  So with the help of our technology consultants, I started a webpage for my class.  My Drupal experience began as a way to record my daily plans for each subject and what we accomplished each day.  I then started to encourage students to check the website for what we did or if they missed several days to print it out and we would start from there.  Soon students began asking if that powerpoint we had just gone through in class was on the website.  As I added links to my website, I began to wonder what other tools existed.    (Who knew H1N1 could have a positive impact 🙂

As my web collection grew, my job description has also grown to include some time as a Differentiated Instruction Facilitator.  So it has been with a new perspective that I have learned all about Drupal and Web 2.0 (wikis and blogs and connect and more).  And now I am venturing into the world of me actually blogging my experiences. 

Next post…. examples of how my students are using new and traditional tools to enhance their learning.