Quizlet – Online Flashcards Tool

In my search for online flashcards, I cam across a program called QuizletA free resource availble to help you review vocabulary and concepts.  Besides being a great review tool, you can share your review with others or search for reviews that have already been made. Study, create and share are the words the website uses to describe itself. 

It is a great reviewing tool to use in your class or for students to use. Quizlet lets you enter terms (vocab, questions, etc) and their definitions (answers). It then creates multiple ways for students to learn the information. For example, they can use the familiarize option to practice with flashcards. The learn option allows them to have to type in the answer. The test option randomly generates different types of questions (multiple choice, matching, short answer, true/false). The test can be regenerated with the style of question that the student wants to practice. There are two games as well (Scatter and Space Race). The website also includes a voice version of the games. Terms can also be printed out as flash cards and regular text.

The great thing about this site is that you just need to enter your basic content and it formats it into multiple versions. It would also work well for students to create their own reviews. If you are interested you can sign up for your own free account and start creating flashcards.  There is also an app for that. So if you want to study on your iPod or phone, now you can:)

Sample Biology Quizlet example

Bio 20 students have recently used quizlet to review our unit.  Each student created a quizlet review on their assigned topic.  Once complete, each student posted the link to their quizlet review on our class wiki.  Now the students have many reviews to work from.


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