Wikis – Positive Results

Just a quick update about our Bio wikis.  As I was surveying the student work, I noticed just how creative my Biology students are becoming.  Not only are they using wikis in the ways that we discussed in class for their portfolio, they are finding their own unique ways to build their pages.

For example, students create a page to respond to the specific portfolio requirement.  Early on in our wiki use, we discussed creating the information in a powerpoint slide and saving it as a jpeg. It was a quick and easy way for students to visually organize their resposes.  Today I noticed that one student was using Glogster to create and display information on her webpage.  Other students have added flashing text to draw attention to specific topics.

I also noticed the use of a digital story to explain the concept of evolution.  This student had selected pictures that they had taken and created a video as a response to this requirement.  They incorporated text to to highlight key concepts and explain how their story connected to and explained the concept of evolution.  It was one of the most creative options I have seen students use. 

I can’t wait to see what their portfolios include next week.

Tracking Bio news on the wiki….

Recently, I added a NEWS link to our class wiki.  Every Monday is news day and students give examples of Bio news in the world.  Last week a student linked up a news story.  She gave a quick overview of the concept on the wiki and briefly presented it to us in class.  We then followed the link to the news website and watched a quick video about the oil spill.  This lead to a great class discussion about how events in other parts of the world are connected to us in Saskatchewan.


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