Songza – My New Favourite App

If you are a fan of listening to music, this is the app for you.  I just recently discovered SONGZA. A collection of playlists for every mood and genre you could think of.  The app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and as an app in Google Chrome.

Songza includes a music concierge option, which means if it is Saturday evening you can choose from play lists designed for relaxing, putting on your party dress, eating dinner or hosting a cocktail party.  Not sure that works for you try their popular play lists or browse all the genres and play lists available.  You can search for playlists by genre, activity, moods, decade, culture or record-store clerk.

This app works great for kids too. It offers many options such as Disney’s Animated Movie playlist or Pretty Princess Magic Mix.  Both quite popular with our 3 1/2 year old.  The only downfall for bedtime is that she is so excited to see the cover image of the next album on the playlist that she doesn’t always get to sleep fast.  She’s busy running out to ask us to come and listen to the latest cool song.

As Songza’s website says, “Good music makes good times… playlists by music experts.. 100% free…No audio ads”

Try it out today!  Check out their website for more details or search for in the App store or Google Play.


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