Free iPad Apps

Take a look at the free app suggestions from Mark Coppin:

Social Talks –
(Free for today only) Write 2 – The Best Note Taking  – Leo and the T-Rex –
If you are using any of the Smarty Ear apps, this app allows you to enter in student name and information into the app. Then the info can be accessed from all the Smarty Ear apps. No re-entering in student info – Therapy Report Center –
Panorama 360 Camera –
You may also want to take a look at The Kissing Hand Book App which is free for a limited time.
— It’s a great interactive story that can run in auto play mode, read to me mode or read it myself mode.  It also tracks the words as it reads and if you touch a word is says the word.  It’s a Sadie approved app:)
Have a great evening!

Free iPad Apps

Free Apps

Some free app suggestions from the presenter of the iPad app workshop that I attended in Regina this fall. Thanks to Mark Coppin for the suggestions.

ABC: my first words –

Go To Supermarket 1-Preschool Math –

Leeds: A Student Organizer –

SLP Education Sliding Colors –

This looks like a nice camera app – Camera FX Pro –

Here is a picture schedule app
that is on sale for .99 – Visual Routine –

When English Doesn’t Come Easy

Thank you to our EAL Consultant who shared this article with us today, “When English Doesn’t Come Easy” (John Carr and Sharen Bertrando – The Journal of Communication & Education – Language Magazine.

A great summary of effective strategies to use with EAL students and the ones that are most effective to use with all students.