The Connection between Art and Science

Well worth the time it takes to read through this article. It examines and reinforces the connection of Art with Science.  For the the scientist in you, it also
 mentions some compelling examples of famous Nobel Prize recipients who had a strong background in the arts or credit their insights to musical thinking. 
It also talks about the importance of offering the opportunity for students to work with crafts early in their life.
Creativity Now!
Educational Leadership – February 2013 – Volume 70 – Number 5 – Pages 16-20
The Art and Craft of Science – Robert Root-Bernstein and Michele Root Bernstein

Free iPad Apps

Take a look at today’s suggestions by Mark Coppin. It only takes a moment to visit the website and vote. Here’s today’s info:

I have some free apps today and a favor to ask.

Here are today’s free apps –

Work With (Autism) –
MyBrushes Pro – Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch, Doodle on Unlimited Size Canvas –
Penultimate –
Drop N Add : Numeracy teaching aid to improve your maths addition and subtraction skills –

And now a favor. The Anne Carlsen Center is taking part in a fund raising effort called Giving Hearts Day on Thursday. Vision Bank in Fargo will donate on behalf of the Center if we get the most votes. If you could take a minute to go to Vision bank and vote for us, I would appreciate it. I would love this list to put us over the top.

Free iPad Apps

Here are Mark Coppin’s Wednesday Free App Suggestions:

“There are lots of apps today. Mobicip Safe Browser is the browser that I discuss in my presentations. It filters out inappropriate content and allows customization. It is usually $4.99.” Mark Coppin


Touch N Trace –

Mobicip Safe Browser With Parental Controls –

Circle Time (Group Time) –

Bank Count -Learn to count change –

Voice Shopping List – Multilanguage –

Thank-you to Mark Coppin for sharing the free apps.