Google – Crib Sheets

Today I came across a wonderful collection of helpful hints for Google related tools.  Take a look at what they call Google Crib sheets.  Lots of great resources for topics including Google Apps for Education, Blogger, Books, Calendar, Docs, Earth, Gmail, Groups, Maps, Mobile, News, Picasa, Reader, Scripts, Search, Sites, Sketch Up, Translate, and Voice.

Each doc includes an explanation of the tool, a why you use it, instructional ideas, and links to examples.

Great ways to quickly learn what a Google tool has to offer!

Google Crib Sheets



Free iPad Apps

Here are Friday’s Free App Suggestions from Mark Coppin: (Lots of different apps for you to take a look at).

If you work with kids who use a switch interface to access the iPad, there are several free apps available for free this week. There are also a couple of other apps that are also free today.

TeachMe: Toddler (this one was in a Free App email yesterday)

MyStoryTime – Personalized Story Books for Kids –

Switch Apps

Switch Box Invaders –

Fun Photo Cinema Style with Hall of Mirrors, Psychedelic Colors and SpecialFX –

Sensory Just Touch

Sensory Magma

A Fun Foto Booth with Hall of Mirrors, Psychedelic and Kaleidoscope Effects –

Sensory iMeba

Sensory Electra

A Leader Is

Have a great weekend!


Thursday Free Apps

Here are a few free apps for today: (Thank-you to Appy Mall the suggestions.)

Easy Studio – Animate with Shapes! by Les Trois Elles Interactive!/id593847174?mt=8

Buzzle – Drag and drop educational kids free action based flash card puzzle app for toddlers kindergarten preschool nursery to learn the names & sounds of animals, birds, bugs, fish, vehicles, planets, musical instruments, dinosaurs, ABCs & lots more. by Curious Fingers

Toca Hair Salon 2 by Toca Boca AB
(My daughter loves this one and had a great time doing the character’s hair and making up a story about it:)

Free iPad Apps

Here are a couple of free apps for tonight! Thank you to Mark Coppin for the suggestions:

Those people at Toca Boca are at it again. Their Toca Hair Salon 2 is free today. There are also a couple of other free apps – a reward program and a survey app. Enjoy!

My Rewards! –
iSurveyThis –
Toca Hair Salon 2 – (Toca Boca makes great apps for Early Learners)

Have a great evening!

Free Apps

Good Morning,

Here are a few free apps. Make sure you get them while they are free. Thank you to Mark Coppin for these suggestions.

Summary Pro –

News-2-You –

The News-2-You app is out. With the free download you get one edition. If you want more, you can get them through in-app purchases or if you have an existing account you can access your account for free. Remember

Touch Timer HD –

Talk Touch –

Silent TouchTimer – the fast and easy countdown timer for presentations, productivity, meditation and more! –

Have a great weekend!

Free Sesame Street e-books

Just found these e books.

Sesame Street eBooks for iPad by Sesame Street

Another Monster at the End of This Book…Starring Grover & Elmo! by Sesame Street

Free Apps for Bio And Recording

Today’s free apps include an iBook textbook, a folding app for kids, and some sound and video editing tools.

Thank you to Kerry for sharing the link to this free, interactive biology textbook (flexbook) for ibooks from CK-12 – The Bio Text iBook resource is easy to use. Worth taking a look.

Today’s other finds come from Free iPad Apps for Schools (Be sure to follow them on Facebook) and iPad Apps for Schools by Richard Byrne (this is a great blog!)

Recordium – Highlight & Annotate Voice Recordings by Pichak co. You can add images to your sound recording.

Foldify by Pixle

Loopster by Loopster – this is a free video editor.

Have a great weekend!