Free Apps and Great News about iOS 7!!

Thanks to Mark Coppin for sharing today’s free apps and the exciting news about iOS 7!!  Check out the information below:

 Info from Mark:

I am so excited about the latest release of iOS7 that came out Friday. It now has Switch Control built into the operating system! Now we have switch accessibility features built into the operating system and it is amazing! There are also other accessibility features that have been added or updated. Here are some of the accessibility features of iOS7 –

iOS 7 Accessibility Features
– Full Featured Switch Access for Switch Users – Amazing!!!! Can even use your head movement to control the switch scanning (the built-in camera detects your head movement). You can also use your screen as a switch.
– Accessibility have moved to the top part of the menu
– Enlarged Cursor for VoiceOver
– Handwriting recognition in VoiceOver
– Guided Access now support VoiceOver
– Disable the Volume Button in Guided Access

The amazing Luis Perez has several YouTube videos on the new accessibility features of iOS7. Check them out.


There are also a lot of really cool free apps that are available today! Remember to download as soon as possible before they go back to paid. 

Great app for creating animated activities – Toontastic Jr. Shrek –
An evaluation app for SLP’s – SLPMxS –
A unique story writing app – InfiniScroll –
An app for struggling writers and spellers – Writable –
A behavior app to teach people to control their behaviors – Post Incident Learning –

The Human Body by Tinybop –
Slide  –
Abacus for Kids –
Numbers Memory Match! Numbers and Counting Game for Kids –


Friday the 13th – Free Apps

Today’s free app suggestions are courtesy of Mark Coppin. 

Everyday Mathematics® Monster Squeeze™ –
Toca Builders –
Relaxation music, melodies and white noise ambience for mindfulness meditation, sleep, yo… –
MPro –
Discover our world. The educational app developed for children suffering from  autism and mental reta… –

Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters –

McGraw Hill link –

The following Free App Suggestions are from: Smart Apps For Kids:  For descriptions of apps you can follow the links below or check out the summaries on Smart Apps For Kids

Free iPad Apps

ImageToo Noisy is an app that monitors sound.  So if you would like to provide visual feedback to your students about the sound level in your room, try out Too Noisy!

My Life as a Cat – Interactive Story

On the First of December – interactive Story

Holiday Advent Calendar HD – starts on December 1st

Sprinkle Islands – Game

123 Kids Fun NUMBERS –  for toddlers and pre-schoolers

ADHD Treament (Name of App) – Read the description from the App Store Website for More info)


Special thanks to Smart Apps for Kids and Appy Mall for today’s suggestions!


More Free Apps for Back to School including Lego Apps

Lots of free early learning apps today, special thanks to Smart Apps for Kids for these suggestions. 

Check out Smart Apps for Kids recommendations for today.  These links include: Pie Time (a time management app), Sight Words Learn to Read, Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes – Red Riding Hood Kids Story books and more (there are also a few discounted apps. 

They also have a link to 37 free Lego apps if you have any interested students.   There are lots of options ranging from Lego City – Team up to Lego Duplo Peekaboo to Lego Photo and Lego Star Wars – the Yoda Chronicles.  

I had a chance to chat with one of the elementary teachers on this mailing list and she mentioned how she was planning to use the interactive stories during Daily Five time (Thanks BK:)  I’d love to hear how you use the apps in your classroom, leave a comment to this blog to let me know and to share your ideas with other educators.


A few more free Apps!

Here are some free apps deals from APPY MALL:  (Summaries from Appy Mall). 

1. Mr Wolf and The Ginger Cupcakes – Red Riding Hood, kids storybook. What a wonderful Modern take to this classic story. I really enjoyed having this read to me, it was just so fresh and new. If I didn’t know that it had been based on Little Red Riding Hood you would think it was just a fresh new story. The illustrations are great and they suit the story perfectly.

2. Magical Music Box. This app has 6 unique builders that have their own special talents, ranging in dropping and smashing blocks to painting, to stacking, to placing blocks anywhere, to lifting and moving the blocks, and spraying with paint. The description I just gave of each builder does not do them justice. You have to to see the app for yourself.

2. Pocket Charts! Fractions. This is a very simple matching game where your child gets to practice their fraction work as they play a matching game. There are 25 rounds included and during these your child gets to match the fractions to a choice of 4 down the bottom.

Check out APPY MALL for more discounted apps: