A few more free Apps!

Here are some free apps deals from APPY MALL:  (Summaries from Appy Mall). 

1. Mr Wolf and The Ginger Cupcakes – Red Riding Hood, kids storybook. What a wonderful Modern take to this classic story. I really enjoyed having this read to me, it was just so fresh and new. If I didn’t know that it had been based on Little Red Riding Hood you would think it was just a fresh new story. The illustrations are great and they suit the story perfectly.

2. Magical Music Box. This app has 6 unique builders that have their own special talents, ranging in dropping and smashing blocks to painting, to stacking, to placing blocks anywhere, to lifting and moving the blocks, and spraying with paint. The description I just gave of each builder does not do them justice. You have to to see the app for yourself.

2. Pocket Charts! Fractions. This is a very simple matching game where your child gets to practice their fraction work as they play a matching game. There are 25 rounds included and during these your child gets to match the fractions to a choice of 4 down the bottom.

Check out APPY MALL for more discounted apps:



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