Tuesday Free Apps

Thank-you to Mark Coppin for today’s free app suggestions! 

Hands-free Music: gesture controlled player – https://appsto.re/i6FH87f
PDF Master Pro – Fill Forms, Annotate PDF with Professional Reader – https://appsto.re/i6F89gN
Sclip – https://appsto.re/i6FT5Jr
Reading with Word Patch – https://appsto.re/i6F89Bg
ClaroPDF – Accessible Pro PDF Reader and Viewer with text to speech (TTS) and annotations (normally $5.99) – https://appsto.re/i6Fj5t9
Team Shake – https://appsto.re/i6Fj6M9
OfficeSuite Professional – https://appsto.re/i6Fj5tH
Graffiti Art Maker – https://appsto.re/i6FT6mG
Camera FX Pro for iPad – https://appsto.re/i6Fj54s

Panorama 360 Camera – https://appsto.re/i6F89gc


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