#FreeApp Wednesday

Check out tonight’s free app suggestions from Mark Coppin.

There are lots of free apps today. Many of the McGraw Hill Everyday Mathematics apps are free again.

Tap A Tune – https://appsto.re/i6FB2fS
Everyday Mathematics® Divisibility Dash™ – https://appsto.re/i6FS3jx
Everyday Mathematics® Equivalent Fractions™ – https://appsto.re/i6FS43z
Everyday Mathematics® Monster Squeeze™ – https://appsto.re/i6FS3jL
Everyday Mathematics® Addition Top It – https://appsto.re/i6FS43W
Everyday Mathematics® Beat the Computer™ Multiplication – https://appsto.re/i6FS488
Classroom Bingo HD – https://appsto.re/i6FB2Zq
Flutter: Speech Activated Story – https://appsto.re/i6FS4bF
Read Along – https://appsto.re/i6FY8zN
playing carl – https://appsto.re/i6Fh6xT



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