Why join a Twitter chat? What can one hour with fellow educators do for you?

It was just recently that I happened to stumble my way into a Twitter chat in progress and I was amazed at not only how much I learned in one hour but also how rejuvenated I felt!  One hour chatting with educators that were interested in a similar topic was re-energizing and engaging.  Twitter chats are a fast paced exchange of ideas, questions & resources that will leave your brain reflecting for hours and give you practical ideas for the next day!

We often talk about the importance of building relationships with our students and filling their bucket with positive learning opportunities.  Educators work tirelessly to do this for their students, but how often do we get to participate in PD that reignites our enthusiasm for learning.   Twitter chats provide a weekly opportunity to connect with other educators that are interested in similar topics; moreover, these educators value your ideas and are interested in learning from your experiences!  It’s pretty exciting (at least in my world), when someone you follow on Twitter favourites your tweet or better yet retweets your comment!

Imagine a weekly idea session where people share resources, ideas and examples in a fast paced positive environment where the conversation can evolve as quickly as a flame dancing in a fire.   These sessions exist in the form of weekly Twitter chats and occur Sunday through Saturday with participants from around the world!

Although it may be overwhelming at first to follow the conversation, once you jump in and reply you’ll be hooked when someone responds to your tweet!

It’s truly some of the best PD (& most accessible & affordable) that you’ll experience this year, plus you’ll grow your personal learning network (PLN). And once you return the following week and are greeted by name, you’ll open up your calendar and make time to chat with amazingly talented and thoughtful educators from around the world!  Because learning is never so much fun as when your idea catches fire & evolves before your eyes.

So they next time you are looking to re-energize, try checking out a Twitter chat.  You never know what one hour with fellow educators can do for you!

Check out these Weekly Twitter Chat Options (Compiled by @thomascmurray , @cevans5095 and @cybraryman1)

Special thanks to #1to1techat for creating a positive & welcoming space to discuss & share ideas!  Wednesday’s @ 8:00


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