Friday Free App Ideas

Check out today’s free app suggestions from Mark Coppin, as well as, how to set a locked timer.

DJ’s StopMotion –
Addition Math Game for KIds –
Aeir Talk –
Kid in Story Book Maker –
Build A Word – Easy Spelling with Phonics –
Percents. Smart Pirate: Math for Elementary School – Fractions as Percents, Equivalent, Percents Prob… –
ABC Phonics Word Family – preschool kindergarten reading skill –

Below are some free resources on Digital Citizenship. These cover topics such as internet safety, cyberbullying, online privacy, etc. They also span several ages.

Digital Citizenship Resources (iBooks) –

iTunesU Digital Citizenship Resources (iTunesU Course) –

Digital Citizenship Apps –

And here is a great tip to help limit the time a student can use an iDevice using the Clock App.

Setting A Locked Timer on the iPad that is Passcode Protected

Set Passcode lock on the iPad
Settings>General>Passcode Lock
Turn Passcode On -Set a passcode
Set a timer
• Open the Clock app
• Tap the Timer tab located at the bottom of the screen
• Set the timer for the amount time you would like student to have access to an app
• Select Timer Alarm button located below the timer circle
• Scroll to the bottom and select Stop Playing
• Select Set
• Select Start
• Give the student the iPad with the app you want them to use.

When the time is up, the iPad will automatically go to the lock screen. The student will not be able to use the iPad until a passcode is entered.
Use Siri
You can also use Siri to set the timer. As long as you have the alarm set for Stop Playing, all you have to do is tell Siri “set timer for 20 minutes” or whatever time you would like.


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