Thursday Free Apps

Here are today’s Free App suggestions from Mark Coppin!

There are a ton of really nice free apps today including a Toca app! There are also some behavior apps, writing apps, timer apps and much more…. Enjoy!

Toca Hair Salon –
Behavior Buddy –
WriteReader – Children learn to write and read by authoring books –
myKidzDay –
Writing Cats –
Letter Cats –
PhotoMath –
ASD Tools –
Task Timer for Kids – visual countdown for preschool children –
FreeVOCA –
YouTube Kids –
EYT Child Self-Regulation & Behaviour Questionnaire (CSBQ) –
ASL kids: fun in signing –
My DPS –
Baby learns body parts—BabyBus –

Have a great day !!


Friday the 13th Free Apps

Happy Friday!!

Here are tonight’s free apps:

iTrace — handwriting for kids –
Hairy Phonics 2 –
Poetics – create, write and share visual poetry –
i Get… Going to the Hospital and Accessing Child Life Services with Medical Photo Vocabulary and Pr… –

Thanks to Mark Coppin for his suggestions!!