Math and Word Work App

Check out Appy Mall’s Two Free Apps for today:

Appy Mall 

Milk Hunt: Fun Kids Math Game for Grade 1 to 5 to Practice Mental Math

By Skidos Learning

Milk Hunt: Fun Kids Math Game for Grade 1 to 5 to Practice Mental Math
(2.99–>FREE) Milk Hunt: Kids Math Game is an excellent math app for primary school aged students to have fun whilst practising their skills in the four mathematical operations. In the app, the student has to help a cute little kangaroo named Kando to bounce, jump and roll across famous Australian landmarks whilst simultaneously completing Maths questions. The game is completely customisable to suit the ability of the student, so you can have random questions which include all of the basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Another option is to have one, two, or three of these operations switched on. Throughout the game, the player needs to help Kando collect milk bottles as well as complete missions (a total of ninety) and answer mathematical questions during his journey across Australia. Whilst the app has InAppPurchases, it is not essential to spend any money – just collect enough milk bottles to ‘buy’ the power-ups that you need. I highly recommend this app as a fun way for a student to focus on a mathematical concept causing concern, or just for pure enjoyment of playing the game. ~Jenny Webster on 2014-10-07 07:01:24 ==> User rating: 5 Recommended: Yes

SpellNow Year 1

By Education Curb Pty Ltd

SpellNow Year 1
(2.99–>FREE) SpellNow Year 1 is a full year’s spelling program for Year 1 aged students. The program is designed to gradually improve student’s spelling ability through the activities within this app. SpellNow Year 1 is made up of ten lists of fifteen words: one list for each of the ten weeks in the four terms of the school year. To consolidate the child’s spelling ability, there are six activities which include word matching, word building and word spelling, and more. The child’s results, both correct and incorrect; time taken to complete the activity; and the success percentage are all recorded. As each activity is completed, a gold ribbon is achieved, and the next week’s spelling list is unlocked. There are no IAPs or advertisements, and no external links. This is an entertaining way for children to improve their spelling ability: I recommend this app, particularly for use in classrooms; but also for in the home. ~Jenny Webster on 2015-03-24 00:52:01 ==> User rating: 5 Recommended: Yes


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