Tuesday’s Free Apps :)

Thanks to Mark Coppin for tonight’s free app suggestions.

There are several free apps today. Remember to download as soon as possible before they go back to paid.

He has also updated his app wheels. Take a look: 
–  App Wheel for ASD to version 3. Here is the link – http://bit.ly/ASDWheelV3 
– App Wheel for Apps to Support a Successful Transition – http://bit.ly/TransitionWheel 

Here are his free app suggestions:

Swype – https://appsto.re/i6BD9CW

ArtikPix Levels – https://appsto.re/i6BD8Qh

First Grade Math Greenbutton – https://appsto.re/i6Bj6rf

First Nouns – https://appsto.re/i6BD73s

FX Math Solver – https://appsto.re/i6Bj2Sz

Please Take My Picture – https://appsto.re/i6BD2rD

TeamChooser – https://appsto.re/i6Bj7jh

Be On Air Pro – https://appsto.re/i6Bj2mv


Free Apps for Autism Awareness Month

Thank you to Mark Coppin for today’s Free App suggestions.

April is Autism Awareness Month and many apps are free or discounted this month. There are several free apps already.

These apps are free today, so download as soon as possible.

Little ABC Writer – https://appsto.re/i66t8s9
Talk+ Touch – https://appsto.re/i66r3mR
ASD Tools – https://appsto.re/i66r3m4
Timer+ Touch HD – https://appsto.re/i66t8sJ
Thesaurus | Visual English Dictionary – https://appsto.re/i66t8bY

These are lite versions that are normally .99 but are free today. Their paid versions of these apps are also on sale.
Between the Lines Advanced Lite HD – https://appsto.re/i66t8KW
Fun With Directions HD Lite – https://appsto.re/i66t8Ky
Picture the Sentence HD Lite – https://appsto.re/i66t8KC
First Phrases HD Lite – https://appsto.re/i66c85G
More Fun With Directions HD Lite – https://appsto.re/i66t3Cg
Between the Lines Level 1 Lite HD – https://appsto.re/i66c85R
Between the Lines Level 2 Lite HD – https://appsto.re/i66r3mG
Between the Lines Advanced Lite HD – https://appsto.re/i66t3CB
Fun with Verbs & Sentences Lite HD – https://appsto.re/i66c85c

Free Friday Apps

Here are today’s Free App suggestions from Mark Coppin:

GuidedVideo – https://appsto.re/i66h8n5

CommunicationHelperForYou – https://appsto.re/i66h8n4

Interactive Alphabet Tracing for kids – Learn To Write Alphabet,Number and Shapes – https://appsto.re/i66h8nn

Have a great weekend!


Free Friday Apps

Follow this link to find lots of free apps.

Free App Friday from Smart Apps for Kids. Check out these early learning apps. They include Math Apps for Grades 1-5, interactive stories a visual countdown app and many more.


As we head back to school, if there is anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list please send me an email with their names or have them email me:)

Have a great weekend

forty free Apps

Hope that everyone is having a great summer. Check out the Smart App For Kids link below to checkout 40 free apps ranging from math, several storybooks, science, puzzles and pinball.


Have a great weekend

Thursday Free and Reduced Apps

Follow the link to check out some great free apps and reduced cost apps for today. Thanks to Smart Apps for Kids for the ideas.

Apps include an educational crossword app to help learn vocabulary, shape recognition apps, Sound Uncovered, learning letters through apps, Beauty and the Beast Interactive, and Piano Prodigy 2 to name a few.

Smart Apps For Kids

And if you are an Angry Birds fan the Star Wars edition is also free right now.

Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone and iPad

Free Apps

Good Morning,

Here are a few free apps. Make sure you get them while they are free. Thank you to Mark Coppin for these suggestions.

Summary Pro – http://itun.es/i6xF3SG

News-2-You – http://itun.es/i6x63Gq

The News-2-You app is out. With the free download you get one edition. If you want more, you can get them through in-app purchases or if you have an existing account you can access your account for free. Remember

Touch Timer HD – http://itun.es/i6xg4zp

Talk Touch – http://itun.es/i6x64rF

Silent TouchTimer – the fast and easy countdown timer for presentations, productivity, meditation and more! – http://itun.es/i6xg4ZL

Have a great weekend!

Free App Ideas

Check out more of Mark Coppin’s free app suggestions:

There are several apps that are free today that look interesting.

Apps For Common Core – http://itun.es/i6xJ46w

Schedule My IEP – http://itun.es/i6xD38M

MyChores – http://itun.es/i6xD38G

Time Teacher – http://itun.es/i6xj7vn

Wheel of Friends 3 in 1 – The Ultimate decision maker choice ! – http://itun.es/i6xJ46W

Free App Ideas

Thank you to Mark Coppin’s free app suggestions!

There are several apps today. Remember to download as soon as possible.

Text Speaker – Text To Speech Voice Reader For Dropbox – http://itun.es/i6xT9ZM
Touch’N Slide Calculator – http://itun.es/i6xH9rD (wasn’t downloading for me…said it was only available in the US store)
Make a Movie with Storyline – Director’s Chair Free – http://itun.es/i6xj2Kg
Brainstorming Canvas – Generating Creative Ideas – http://itun.es/i6xD7RS
Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game – http://itun.es/i6xD7R7
Movie360:My Movies,My Life! – http://itun.es/i6xj2K2

This one works with the built-in light on the iPhone.
EyeReader Pro – http://itun.es/i6xj2sS

Australian communication exchange.
OpenMi Face to Face – http://itun.es/i6xT9ZG

Have a great day!!

Free apps on Friday

Check out Friday’s free apps including a story and a couple apps for non verbal students. Have a great weekend.

Grendel’s Great Escape by Michelle Anaya

Sentence Match: WHO is DOing WHAT by Computerade Products

Sentence Key: WHO is DOing WHAT by Computerade Products