Friday Free iPad Apps

Here are today’s free app suggestions from Mark Coppin:

Everyday Mathematics® Baseball Multiplication™ 1–6 Facts –
Everyday Mathematics® Equivalent Fractions™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Monster Squeeze™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Name That Number™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Addition Top It –
Everyday Mathematics® Beat the Computer™ Multiplication –
Everyday Mathematics® Tric-Trac™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Divisibility Dash™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Subtraction Top-It™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Baseball Multiplication™ 1-12 Facts –
Wireless Remote HD Document Camera and Overhead Projector Replacement –
Equate Formula Solver –
LumiKids Park by Lumosity, Early Learning Play for Kids –

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


These are a few of my favourite websites!!!

These are a few of my favourite websites 🙂

My current favourite Twitter Chat is #1to1techat which occurs Wednesday evenings at 8:00 CST.  Started by Shawn McCusker (@ShawnMcCusker) and Shaelynn Farsnworth (@shfarnsworth) to discuss everything from assessment to digital citizenship in the context of effective 1:1 programs.  Be prepared for thought provoking, informative and reflective sharing with educators from around the world.  Educators willingly share examples of what’s happening in their class.  This is the chat that inspired my “Why Join a Twitter Chat?  What can one hour with fellow educators do for you?” blog post.

There are many wonderful Twitter chat’s and @thomascmurray , @cevans5095 and @cybraryman1 have compiled an informative list:   Weekly Twitter Chat Options

Te@ch Thought

Te@ch Thought is a website dedicated to “exploring new learning models, including blended learning, project-based learning, self-directed learning, and the role of play in learning while also supporting existing K-20 educators as they seek to improve their own craft in practice today.” (TeachThought, 2014).  Numerous articles are available about Learning, Teaching, Common Core, Technology, Apps, iPads, Culture and Social Media. Posted articles are relevant to many aspects of teaching that we encounter every day and provide thoughtful reflection and ideas for planning forward.

Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites – Jerry Blumengarten

Started in April of 1999 as his school library website, it has evolved into an amazing collection of resources for educators, parents and students.  Resources for educators include everything from assessment, blended learning, leadership, rubric, TED, universal design for learning to YouTube.  He also has an informative collection of blogs. If you are looking for information related to education chances are Jerry Blumengarten has found it and organized it for you.

Leadership Freak – Dan Rockwell

A daily blog written by Dan Rockwell that highlights insights into effective leadership in 300 words or less (something you actually have time to read).  Rockwell started the blog in January of 2010 to share what he was learning about leadership.  If you want a quick read with suggestions that you can put into action today, this is the blog for you.  From the value of gratitude to success to positive action and transformative change, this blog will provide daily reflection and provide you with ideas to move forward as a leader today.

Curriculum Corner – (North East School Division)

A collaborative collection of resources developed by educators in the North East School Division and curated by the Coordinators of Learning.  Resources are organized by grade and subject from K-12 and include rubrics for every outcome in the updated Saskatchewan Curriculum.  Each outcome includes an unpacked outcome, examples of assessment events & rubric and learning and reflection resources (for those that have been shared by teachers).  Other resources include assessment (from understanding rubrics to student led conferences), instruction and data.  This is a great place to start when you are beginning with the end in mind.

A Principal’s Reflections – Eric Sheninger

Sheninger blogs about “educational leadership, effective technology integration, best practices and creating a student-centred learning culture.” (Blog overview, 2014).  He is an avid user of Twitter and shares many valuable resources on daily basis ( He openly shares his journey into the world of social media and the positive impact that it had on his school.  He is currently a Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) (About Eric, 2014).

Three years ago after a conversation on Twitter, Eric agree to Skype into a Twitter workshop that I was leading.  It was an informative experience as he shared his journey into the world of social media and the value it has added for teachers, students and parents.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

This site aims to deliver the best EdTech content and is curated “by a team of dedicated teachers located in Canada” (Disclaimer section).  This website include resources on 21st century education, android and apple apps, blended learning, digital citizenship, Facebook, Google, iPads, Multiple Intelligences, TED talks and YouTube.  Posts are filled with useful links, valuable ideas and useful infographics. They are active on Twitter and Facebook.




Free Technology for Teachers – Richard Byrne

Free Technology for Teachers is a personal project of Richard Byrne (Policies and Disclosures section) has a subscriber network of over 60 000 educators (About section).  Bryne has reviewed many ed tech tools and created free guides such as Google for Teachers (I and 2), A Short Guide to Using Google Drive on Your iPad and Making Videos on the Web a Guide for Teachers.  You can easily search his site to find ideas for free tech tools and ideas to use in your classroom. A great place for quick overviews of useful tools. Richard Byrne also curates, and


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Tuesday’s Free Apps :)

Thanks to Mark Coppin for tonight’s free app suggestions.

There are several free apps today. Remember to download as soon as possible before they go back to paid.

He has also updated his app wheels. Take a look: 
–  App Wheel for ASD to version 3. Here is the link – 
– App Wheel for Apps to Support a Successful Transition – 

Here are his free app suggestions:

Swype –

ArtikPix Levels –

First Grade Math Greenbutton –

First Nouns –

FX Math Solver –

Please Take My Picture –

TeamChooser –

Be On Air Pro –

Free Apps for Autism Awareness Month

Thank you to Mark Coppin for today’s Free App suggestions.

April is Autism Awareness Month and many apps are free or discounted this month. There are several free apps already.

These apps are free today, so download as soon as possible.

Little ABC Writer –
Talk+ Touch –
ASD Tools –
Timer+ Touch HD –
Thesaurus | Visual English Dictionary –

These are lite versions that are normally .99 but are free today. Their paid versions of these apps are also on sale.
Between the Lines Advanced Lite HD –
Fun With Directions HD Lite –
Picture the Sentence HD Lite –
First Phrases HD Lite –
More Fun With Directions HD Lite –
Between the Lines Level 1 Lite HD –
Between the Lines Level 2 Lite HD –
Between the Lines Advanced Lite HD –
Fun with Verbs & Sentences Lite HD –

Friday Free App Ideas

Check out today’s free app suggestions from Mark Coppin, as well as, how to set a locked timer.

DJ’s StopMotion –
Addition Math Game for KIds –
Aeir Talk –
Kid in Story Book Maker –
Build A Word – Easy Spelling with Phonics –
Percents. Smart Pirate: Math for Elementary School – Fractions as Percents, Equivalent, Percents Prob… –
ABC Phonics Word Family – preschool kindergarten reading skill –

Below are some free resources on Digital Citizenship. These cover topics such as internet safety, cyberbullying, online privacy, etc. They also span several ages.

Digital Citizenship Resources (iBooks) –

iTunesU Digital Citizenship Resources (iTunesU Course) –

Digital Citizenship Apps –

And here is a great tip to help limit the time a student can use an iDevice using the Clock App.

Setting A Locked Timer on the iPad that is Passcode Protected

Set Passcode lock on the iPad
Settings>General>Passcode Lock
Turn Passcode On -Set a passcode
Set a timer
• Open the Clock app
• Tap the Timer tab located at the bottom of the screen
• Set the timer for the amount time you would like student to have access to an app
• Select Timer Alarm button located below the timer circle
• Scroll to the bottom and select Stop Playing
• Select Set
• Select Start
• Give the student the iPad with the app you want them to use.

When the time is up, the iPad will automatically go to the lock screen. The student will not be able to use the iPad until a passcode is entered.
Use Siri
You can also use Siri to set the timer. As long as you have the alarm set for Stop Playing, all you have to do is tell Siri “set timer for 20 minutes” or whatever time you would like.

Thursday Free Apps

Here are today’s Free App suggestions from Mark Coppin.

Of special interest will be the scanning OCR app which with an iPad that has Siri will convert an image of text into editable text on the iPad. You can then use the text to speech option for students to listen to the text.

Sail Through Math –
Everyday Mathematics® Divisibility Dash™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Baseball Multiplication™ 1–6 Facts –
Everyday Mathematics® Monster Squeeze™ –
Grammar Wonderland (Elementary) –

Scanner with OCR –
Cell Storming Presenter – Media driven Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, and Presentation –
SwiftKey Note –

Why join a Twitter chat? What can one hour with fellow educators do for you?

It was just recently that I happened to stumble my way into a Twitter chat in progress and I was amazed at not only how much I learned in one hour but also how rejuvenated I felt!  One hour chatting with educators that were interested in a similar topic was re-energizing and engaging.  Twitter chats are a fast paced exchange of ideas, questions & resources that will leave your brain reflecting for hours and give you practical ideas for the next day!

We often talk about the importance of building relationships with our students and filling their bucket with positive learning opportunities.  Educators work tirelessly to do this for their students, but how often do we get to participate in PD that reignites our enthusiasm for learning.   Twitter chats provide a weekly opportunity to connect with other educators that are interested in similar topics; moreover, these educators value your ideas and are interested in learning from your experiences!  It’s pretty exciting (at least in my world), when someone you follow on Twitter favourites your tweet or better yet retweets your comment!

Imagine a weekly idea session where people share resources, ideas and examples in a fast paced positive environment where the conversation can evolve as quickly as a flame dancing in a fire.   These sessions exist in the form of weekly Twitter chats and occur Sunday through Saturday with participants from around the world!

Although it may be overwhelming at first to follow the conversation, once you jump in and reply you’ll be hooked when someone responds to your tweet!

It’s truly some of the best PD (& most accessible & affordable) that you’ll experience this year, plus you’ll grow your personal learning network (PLN). And once you return the following week and are greeted by name, you’ll open up your calendar and make time to chat with amazingly talented and thoughtful educators from around the world!  Because learning is never so much fun as when your idea catches fire & evolves before your eyes.

So they next time you are looking to re-energize, try checking out a Twitter chat.  You never know what one hour with fellow educators can do for you!

Check out these Weekly Twitter Chat Options (Compiled by @thomascmurray , @cevans5095 and @cybraryman1)

Special thanks to #1to1techat for creating a positive & welcoming space to discuss & share ideas!  Wednesday’s @ 8:00

More Free Friday Apps

Here are a few more Free Friday Apps suggested by Smart Apps for Kids

A few of these apps repeat from my earlier post but there are a few new ones here. Most are Early Learning Apps.

  • There are pop up activity apps, Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop App, Shapes, Dress up, Math Slicer, Go Figure (math), Cut the Buttons, Stickers, Blocks, Bugs & Buttons, The Three Little Pigs, and the Animals of the Mossy Forest.
  • There is also a IOS 7 Calculator App

Have a great weekend!

#FreeApp Wednesday

Check out tonight’s free app suggestions from Mark Coppin.

There are lots of free apps today. Many of the McGraw Hill Everyday Mathematics apps are free again.

Tap A Tune –
Everyday Mathematics® Divisibility Dash™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Equivalent Fractions™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Monster Squeeze™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Addition Top It –
Everyday Mathematics® Beat the Computer™ Multiplication –
Classroom Bingo HD –
Flutter: Speech Activated Story –
Read Along –
playing carl –


Free Friday Night Apps

Check out the diverse variety of free apps in Smart Apps For Kids!

Tonights free apps include:
– magic Stickers animated stickers
-Night Zookeeper a creative drawing apps
– Spooky Letters
– puzzles
– a number maze
– Multiply Bingo, numerosity
– a few interactive books
– a few music apps including Rhythm Repeat, music Colour, Bass Cat
– a colouring book
– Saying Goodbye a social story app
– French Numbers For Kids
– learning letters apps
– and several more

check out Smart Apps For KIDS: