Free Apps

Good Morning,

Here are a few free apps. Make sure you get them while they are free. Thank you to Mark Coppin for these suggestions.

Summary Pro –

News-2-You –

The News-2-You app is out. With the free download you get one edition. If you want more, you can get them through in-app purchases or if you have an existing account you can access your account for free. Remember

Touch Timer HD –

Talk Touch –

Silent TouchTimer – the fast and easy countdown timer for presentations, productivity, meditation and more! –

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Free App Ideas

Check out more of Mark Coppin’s free app suggestions:

There are several apps that are free today that look interesting.

Apps For Common Core –

Schedule My IEP –

MyChores –

Time Teacher –

Wheel of Friends 3 in 1 – The Ultimate decision maker choice ! –

Free App Ideas

Thank you to Mark Coppin’s free app suggestions!

There are several apps today. Remember to download as soon as possible.

Text Speaker – Text To Speech Voice Reader For Dropbox –
Touch’N Slide Calculator – (wasn’t downloading for me…said it was only available in the US store)
Make a Movie with Storyline – Director’s Chair Free –
Brainstorming Canvas – Generating Creative Ideas –
Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game –
Movie360:My Movies,My Life! –

This one works with the built-in light on the iPhone.
EyeReader Pro –

Australian communication exchange.
OpenMi Face to Face –

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Free apps on Friday

Check out Friday’s free apps including a story and a couple apps for non verbal students. Have a great weekend.

Grendel’s Great Escape by Michelle Anaya

Sentence Match: WHO is DOing WHAT by Computerade Products

Sentence Key: WHO is DOing WHAT by Computerade Products

Free App Reminder – urTalker Pro

Just in case you didn’t have time to download one of the apps from the email last Friday.  The urTalker Pro App that’s normally $99 is now free.  I’ve included the app description below if you are interested.
If you or others that you know are interested in being added to my Free Apps email list, please send me an email at    pipke-painchaud.stephanie(at)

urTalker Pro –  (Normally $99)

urTalker Pro is a fully featured communication app for individuals with speech and communication disabilities. This communication app comes with fully customizable grid or “board” style views for categories and words allowing the user to grow with the app with their own pictures. You can start with simple 1 or 2 word communication views and move all the way up to 16 grid displays for advanced communication needs.

urTalker Pro comes with over 280 images to get users started and allows users to easily add new categories and images using built in camera feature or web images. Any audio can be added by recording sounds or selecting sound from your iTunes library.

urTalker makes communication easy, affordable and effective for children and adults. urTalker Pro is great for autism / autistic spectrum, stroke, IDD, Cerebral Palsy (CP), ALS and any other speech impairment condition.