Just Imagine… the possibilities of the digital world

Speaking of Web 2.0 tools, a colleague of mine recently sent me this video link via Facebook (Thank-you Mr. Brinklow).  Pay Attention is a short video that speaks to the power of digital learning and the potential of the technology in the world around us.  In a simple yet moving digital story, the creator asks educators to imagine the possibilities of the tools that surround us.  How can we use the technology that students already have… the technology students have grown up with … the tools that enable them to connect.  And lets face it the tools that students already know how to use better than us:)   The video raises some interesting questions.  It is well worth the 7 minutes and 41 seconds of your life. 

Here is the Teacher Tube link to the video.

If you are intrigued by the possibilities mentioned in the video, you may find the Beyond Words article – by Jason Ohler an interesting read.

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